Mankanali Netaji Subhas Social Welfare Society


Relief Distribution

Mankanali Netaji Subhas Social Welfare Society in engaged in social welfare and relief work from the year 2008. The monetary foundation of Bankura is essentially farming ward. As yet being one of the draft inclined locale of West Bengal, Bankura needs to help 4.58% of the state’s populace on almost 7.8% of the land. Agribusiness represents practically 70% of the locale’s pay while 80% of the ranchers are little and negligible. Anyway because of defensive water system framework, land changes and utilization of high ripe and crossover crops the area is currently not so particularly poor as it was.  As  a result if any natural calamities happens, the poorest peoples needs help and we try our best to provide some relief materials by contribution of our own collected fund.

Blood Donation

Organizing Blood Donation Camp in periodic manner is one of our activities. Our State is suffering in Blood Crisis for years and we know the matter. We arrange Blood Donation Camps in various parts of our district with the help form local govt. authorities and our volunteers. As a ground level organization, we have good connection with youth and people of Bankura District. We are running the activities with the help of local people and having good reputation.

Charitable Dispensary

Netaji Subhas Charitable Dispensary has been started for providing medical care (Allopathic, Homeopathic ) to the local poor and needy people of Bankura, West Bengal. We run the clinic with the kind help of Doctors, Surgeons, Para-medics and assisting-staff. 

Lots of people are now suffering in various silent killer diseases like Diabetes, Heart Problem, Gastritis and Liver diseases. Early detection can save people from death. 

Besides all these we also organize periodical eye check up camp and dental checkup camp in our service areas.

Netajis Vision Vidyamandir

We run a school namely Netaji’s Vision Vidyamandir in Bankura.